Escrow is a service that protects both the buyer and the seller - reducing the potential risk of fraud -  by
acting as a third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.
An escrow agent helps co-ordinate the transaction and manages the payment process from start to finish. is a well respected, fully licensed and accredited escrow company
that is highly recommended by auction sites like eBay gives true assurance for buying or selling valuable items

Escrow Is an Easy 5 Step Process:
Step 1:
The buyer and
seller agree to the
terms and details of
the transaction.
Step 2:
The buyer sends
payment to
Payment is verified
and deposited into a
trust account.
Step 3:
The seller ships the
merchandise to the
buyer, knowing that
the buyer's payment
is secured.
Step 4:
The buyer accepts
the merchandise
after having the
opportunity to
inspect it.
Step 5: pays
the seller after all
conditions of the
transaction are met.
Advantages for Both Sellers and Buyers

Buyers and Sellers Know What to Expect: The buyer and seller view and agree to terms before the
transaction begins.

Payments are Guaranteed: Instead of sending payment directly to the seller, the buyer sends payment to where it is held in a trust account.

Shipments are Safe: The seller may feel safe when shipping the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that
the buyer's payment has been verified and is safely held by

Inspect Before You Pay: If the buyer and seller agree to an inspection period, the buyer may examine the
merchandise before payment is released to the seller (and if the buyer rejects the merchandise, the seller
may inspect the merchandise upon return before payment is refunded to the buyer).
For more in-depth detail of the 5 Step Escrow service, and to initiate an escrow visit:
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