Browsing Ads

From the home page of simply click on either the graphic or text link of the ad
category  you wish to browse (e.g. Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, etc.)

You can then either search all the Grand Piano ads, for example, by clicking on the "Browse Ads" link that
appears just below the keyword search field under the top black navigation bar; or you can search by
selecting a particular piano manufacturer.

Once you are anywhere beyond the home page you can search for ads by category at any time by clicking on
the "Search Ads" link in the black navigation bar. This will take you back to the home page.

Simple Search For Ads By Keywords

To search for ads by keywords, you can use the search form that appears just underneath the black
navigation bar. Enter the keyword or keywords that you want to search on in the input field. You can also
specify whether you want to search in a particular section or in all sections. Then click on the Search! button.
The ads (if any) that matched your search criteria will be displayed on the following page.

*TIP: Type in just a city or state/province in the search box to find all the pianos and brands available there.   

Advanced Search

Once you are beyond the home page, and in an ad category, such as Grand Pianos, the Advanced Search
form allows you to conduct an advanced keyword search. You can search for ads that contain ANY of your
keywords, ALL of your keywords, or your keywords as AN EXACT PHRASE. You can also specify whether you
want the search to be case sensitive or not, and how many days ago you want to retrieve ads from. You can
specify a particular category or search on all categories, and you can even specify only ads that match a
specific caption header. You can also choose to display only those ads that contain photos, sound clips,
and/or video clips, and you also have the option of displaying the ads full size or in the short "headlines"

Power Search

Once you are beyond the home page, and in an ad category, such as Grand Pianos, the Power Search form
allows you to narrow your search by specifying specific criteria, such as: price range, manufacturer name,
model, year of manufacture, size, wood finish, cabinet style, city, state/province or country. You can also
specify how many ads should be displayed on each page, whether the search engine should return only
exact matches for your search criteria, whether the searches should be case sensitive, and whether to sort
in ascending or descending order. In addition, you can specify the field to sort by and whether the ads
should be displayed as headlines or in the full size format. You can even specify only ads with photos.

Below are the criteria options broken down in more detail:

Price Range: Search for items within a specific price range. In these two fields, you can enter the price range
that you are interested in. For example, to find items priced between $1,000 and $2,000, type "$1,000" in the
"Lowest Price" box and "$2,000" in the "Highest  Price" box.

Date Range Searching: In these two fields, you can search for only those ads posted within a specific date
range. To do so, you must specify a beginning date and an ending date. The script will return all the entries
which fall within that date range. Click on the Popup Calendar buttons to enter the beginning and ending

Results per page: Here, you can choose how many ads you want the script to display on each page. You
can choose to display as few as 10 or as many as 200 ads per page (the default setting is 10). If your
search results in more than this number of ads, the results page will show a button at the bottom of the
page that you can click on to "See the next 10 hits" (or however many ads per page you chose here). If you
choose a large number such as 200, please keep in mind that pulling up 200 ads per page could take a
very long time and could even crash your web browser if it causes a memory overload. This will depend
largely on the memory, processing speed, and other configuration aspects of your computer. If the results
page tells you that you had more hits than you chose to display, you can always go back and increase the
number of ads to display per page or narrow your search criteria by filling in more of the search fields so that
fewer ads will be displayed.

Exact Match?: You can also use the exact match box to narrow your search (for example, if you check the
exact match box and search for "Steinway Model A" then only listings with "Steinway Model A" in them will
show up. Listings with just  "Steinway" in them would not.

Case Sensitive?: If you you check the case sensitive box, capitalization will matter (for example, if you search
for "Baldwin", then listings with the word "baldwin" will not show up).

Reverse Sort?: Here, you can choose to have the script sort in reverse order. For example, if you choose to
sort by last name and check the Reverse Sort box, the results page will show ads of people whose last
names begin with Z first, and then backwards through the alphabet. For numbers or dates, the script
normally shows ads with the lowest numbers or oldest dates first, so checking the Reverse Sort box will
cause it to display ads with the highest numbers or most recent dates first.

Sort By Which Field?: Here, you can specify how the script should sort your results.

Display Ads As: Here, you can choose whether the ads should be displayed in the Standard (short) format or
the Long format. The standard format gives you nice, concise tables that allow you to quickly compare key
features and sort by these features, as well as links to the full version of each ad. If you want to see the full
version of all ads right away, then choose the Long format.

Using the Checklist Feature

You can use the Checklist feature to "mark" certain ads for future retrieval. To do so, click on the
"Add/Remove Checklist" checkbox within the ad that you want to add to your Checklist. You will see a popup
window informing you that this ad has been successfully checklisted.

To retrieve your checklisted ads, click on the "My Checklist" link in the navigation bar. Depending on how the
administrator has set this program up, this page will show you either all checklisted ads from the section
that you are currently in, or it will show you all checklisted ads from all sections. You can click on the "View
Detailed Ads" link at the bottom of the page to see all of these ads in their full-size format.

You can delete ads from your checklist by unchecking the "Add/Remove Checklist" checkbox within each ad
that you want to remove from your checklist. You will see a popup window informing you that this ad has
been successfully removed from your checklist. The ads are automatically removed from your checklist
when they expire or are deleted.

Viewing Other Ads Posted by a User

You can view other ads posted by a particular user within the section that you are in or throughout the ads.
To view other ads posted by this user within the same section, click on the "View {section name} Ads Posted
By This User" link contained within the ad, where {section name} would be the actual name of the section
that this ad is contained in. To view all ads posted by this user throughout the system, click on the "View All
Ads Posted By This User" link contained within the ad.

Sending an Ad to a Friend

You can send an ad to a friend by clicking on the E-mail This Ad To A Friend link contained within that ad.
You will then see a short form at the bottom of the ad page that asks you for your e-mail address, your
friend's e-mail address, a short subject, and the message that you want to send to your friend. Once you
have entered this information, click on the Send This Ad To A Friend button. The ad will be sent by e-mail to
your friend, along with the message that you entered on this form.
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